Hello! Welcome to PadShares

PadShares is now launching. Created by the founder of RealEstateInvesting.com Robert Lawry II, PadShares is the culmination of his 30 years experience in real estate investing, rental management and new construction.

PadShares seeks to offer fractionated ownership of ultra modern custom built short term rentals in high demand markets, giving both accredited and non-accredited the opportunity to invest in the booming STR market.

Want to invest your IRA or 401K or other funds in short term rentals? Shoot Robert a personal email at [email protected] to find out about upcoming projects in Florida. Currently, there are multiple projects starting just 2 miles away from the historic district in St Augustine with plan to move to nearby ocean front property. future project are in the works for high demand STR markets in south Florida such as Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale areas.

For serious high net worth STR investors, Robert is available to meet in person in north Florida and he frequently travels to the Miami / Ft Lauderdale area.

If you want to invest in something different when it comes to short term rentals and you want to own property you can brag about, you have found an interesting startup you need to learn more about. Email Robert now at [email protected]






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